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Capital is available even when the Banks say NO or  GO AWAY !
Whether your company needs to pay a supplier in India for raw materials needed to complete an order for a customer in Ohio,.... OR...your Company is growing too fast  OR  the Bank moved your company to workout and  wants you to leave,........ 
.......For any of these scenarios ....

Bennington Financial Services, Inc. can help secure the capital needed to keep the gears turning.
Today's credit market is better than it was during the frozen credit era which existed primarily from 2009 through 2014. Since 2014- with each passing year the credit market has become more liquid and lenient as asset hungry banks have loosened their icy grip on credit. However, for many borrowers-from start ups  to rapid growth to  those still recovering from the great economic meltdown-securing proper funding support remains incredibly challenging. Latest year end financials and balance sheets showing losses or at best marginal profits typically reflect borrowers who are already in Special Assets at their bank or if not-- will soon be,.
The economy is admittedly better today than it was a year ago and far better than in 2009 when the entire business world seemed to stop spinning. However, many businesses still have not completed their turnaround  and remain marginally profitable with battered balance sheets. But for these borrowers- although humbled by the worst economy since 1930s Great Depression-they are proud -in fact -they are thankful. They have survived--while many of their peers did not.
Managing a business remains a 24/7 challenge- especially if you need capital.
After years of struggle to just stay alive-many companies have managed to break even or post marginal  profits for one but not two consecutive years and still show negative net worth

And if your business is considered a start-up (ie typically less than 2 years old)and shows any loss or negative net worth-- despite having significant orders in hand and aggressive growth potential which will make company profitable--you will likely be wasting time talking to a bank.

Under the above scenarios, even if you are able to secure a "bank funding proposal", quite often-after months of hope generated by that bank funding proposal--the bank funding request falls through. And you have wasted weeks- if not months of precious time.

 And- if your company has been in workout or special assets for a few years or more -chances are Lender Fatigue has set in. Things could quickly get worse -and without much warning..

Your current bank could start to tighten its grip-hitting you with significant forbearance extension fees for ever shorter extension periods-while aggressively pushing for debt reduction / refinancing and more collateral. Those companies unfortunate enough to still be in workout for three years or more are likely experiencing tremendous pressure to exit their bank. Historical complacent reliance on automatic and reasonable forbearance agreement extensions are increasingly being replaced with ever restrictive agreements, tightened covenants and fees. Often orders from above leave contact officer no choice but to accelerate the debt and begin wind down process. Typically a Receiver will be appointed to start the process. At that time, the legal and cost meter for borrower quickly escalates-sometimes forcing company to consider filing Chapter XI to try and stop the bank and provide time for it to reorganize and save the company. Not surprisingly, the bank typically will challenge the reorganization claiming the company is no longer viable and usually will decline continued funding (unless court ordered). Company will likely need to secure "DIP" (debtor in possession) usually provided by a non bank lender who is quite familiar - capable - and comfortable providing this type funding

 Typically, the company does not have the in house financial expertise or knowledge needed to deal effectively with the bank. And with so much riding on the outcome, this is not the time to try to save money by flying solo. Professionals with the right expertise should be retained. The sooner the better.

If you have recently met your new Bank  workout contact officer , engaged counsel  and executed a forbearance agreement-your clock is ticking. Beware of smiling faces.

It is helpful to know how and where you stand with the bank when in workout. Based on a loan grade system, the Bank has had to set aside "loan loss reserves" against your loan(s) depending on multiple factors. These  "reserves" negatively  impact the Bank's profits which provide further incentive for the  Bank to get rid of you--before they have to further  increase loan loss reserves because of your deteriorating financial  performance.......

When do Business Owners need Bennington Financial ?
If your business lost money last year, you may soon end up in the workout (aka Special Assets) department at your Bank following the customary "Annual Review" by the Bank's Credit Committee.  If /when your business is  moved or notified by bank  that it will soon be transferred  to Special Assets-.............

This would be a good time to give me a call for a confidential free discussion


If your current loan officer knows your company is losing money and will report a loss for current fiscal year and  gives you a friendly heads up that you should start looking for refinancing -

This would be a good time to give me a call for a confidential free discussion


 If you were recently transferred to the bank workout department or already feeling the increased  exit pressure and cost of being in workout for several years ....

This would be a good time to give me a call for a confidential free discussion

Why  do Business Owners hire Bennington Financial ?
Securing capital today under a  deadline date mandate requires keen, quick and accurate situation analysis, strategic thinking/planning,  capital markets knowledge, credit skills, decision maker contacts, deal structuring, negotiation skills, and time. Many business owners lack some or all of these attributes.  Their time is best spent running their business - not chasing financing.
Since 1995, Bennington Financial Services, Inc. (BFSI) has worked successfully with all size companies helping secure acquisition, growth and turnaround capital.  Founder and principal, Thomas S. Wood, MBA and author, has extensive experience in commercial banking, government, and alternative funding transactions/markets.  Clients are charged primarily on a performance/results driven basis subject to total deal size, number of facilities, and project scope.  Client testimonials/recommendation letters, and industry colleagues, attest to BFSI performance and reputation for getting the job done.
We  also offer:
  • E Loan Packaging
  • Interim CFO duties (daily rate applies)
  • Field Exams for secured lenders (daily rate applies)
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