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Testimonials-- Past 20+ years through current year

 " Tom, thank you for hanging in there with us to find a lender who would support our current business and growth opportunities. My Company will no longer be held back by an inadequate line of credit......

With a $2 million credit facility, our management team can now focus on taking care of clients and growing the business rather than on cash flow funding limitations.

I would recommend your services to any business which requires financing or refinancing. "

New Image Building Services

" Tom, I just wanted to send you this quick note of appreciation. Your past guidance, advice, experience and leading us through this process was extremely important to us. You are a professional we are grateful to have on board.

 I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone...."

Ericson Manufacturing Company
"Tom Wood of Bennington Financial Services recently assisted us in a succesful refinancing effort. He gave excellent advice regarding the content and format of our information package, was clearly an advocate of our need, and was relentless in his pursuit of a workable team of lenders. I would not hesitate to retain him again."
Dippin' Dots, LLC
" I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your financial and contact guidance given to our company over the last few years.Through your expertise you have allowed our company to move financial funding to our current Lending institution resulting in major savings for our company. "
Wall Street Systems, Inc.
"The services provided by Tom Wood, President of Bennington Financial Services allowed us to refinance our property and receive a loan discount from our bank. He was able to bring to the table financing that was backed by the SBA. This allowed us to enhance our cash flow and maintain control of the real estate. Bennington Financial Services provided a valuable service. We had spoken with other consultants who were not able to perform..."
Cassic WP
"I want to thank you for assisting Malone Specialty in arranging a solution to our financial crisis of early this year. A disastrous sales year left us short of cash, out of conformance
with our bank,and being pursued by a vendor......who wanted to do a hostile takeover of our business.........By working with Bennington Financial and our bank, you were able to arrange
financing that allowed the hostile vendor to be paid off.... also allowed us to handle increased increased sales activity.Again,thanks for your professional services and personal interest in us.

Malone Specialty, Inc.
"..After we met with a number of banks on our own, we could not obtain financing.  My father and I became quite sour about the quality and competence of the local banking people.....
When we met Tom, he was quickly able to determine our current capabilities and prepare a recapitalization program that made sense.....Tom was diligient in his efforts....Tom negotiated with the local banks on our behalf to move the process along swiftly...We strongly recommend Bennington Financial Services to you..."
"MRI and its affiliate.....enlisted the services of Bennington Financial Services in a successful effort to refinance the debt of both corporations at a significant discount...within 3 months we
secured SBA backed financing proposals from two banks....I highly recommend Mr. Wood
to any business requiring expert financial advice.  He is an experienced professional with excellent connections in the banking community, and his role in our situation was worth several times his professional fees..."
"Our bank had determined that they no longer wished to do business with AVC.  With Tom's vast banking experience, he was able to stay on top of the situation we found ourselves in and worked diligently to find us alternative financing to get us through this tough time...I highly recommend Tom and Bennington Financial Services to any company seeking financial guidance..."
 "Thank you for assisting my customer in his time of need.... I have been very impressed with your tenacity in getting a job are blessed with a talent of assisting businesses with your knowledge of banking and how you may guide them in obtaining the money they need....."
Cain Financial
 "KMC was struggling and its current Bank required the Company to enter into a forbearance
agreement to find alternative funding.We unsuccessfully tried to find funding through traditional banking sources.After several months on our own, we signed a contract with BFS.Within a few months we closed on a $4 million credit line backed by AR amd Inventory.Tom's years of
experience were invaluable in getting our deal funded.We would highly recommend BFS to any Company in any difficult situation."
Kennedy Manufacturing Company
"After many years banking with a major Cleveland institution, they decided they did not want to do business with our firm. They began demanding accelerated payment on our notes .As a result, we could not pay our vendors in a timely fashion......

Tom Wood, President of  Bennington Financial  Services came to our rescue......

Tom was able to secure a multimillion line of credit..payoff the bank line...and got us back on track wit our creditors. Tom's knowledge and contacts in the banking field are numerous. We are extremely pleased with his efforts and highly recommend Bennington Financial Services.

RES, Jr.
The Schloss Paving Co

Tom, it seems like yesterday we were in need of your services.....You not successfully placed our firm but also became a valued sounding board.........I have recommended your form to a number of my business peers and I would by virtue of this letter, recommend you to anyone considering a refinancing...Keep up the good work !  "

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